Rhino Capital Advisor’s LLC is a privately held, Boston-based investment management firm servicing and advising its array of investors, including HNW Syndicates and institutional capital partners. Rhino deploys human and capital resources to actively manage its existing operating assets and to implement renovation and repositioning of capital programs at each property.

Rhino works closely with a network of vendors to ensure daily onsite oversight of every asset. Rhino capitalizes on the diverse experience of its team and vendors to provide to investors institutional grade investment management and access to off-market opportunities in the Greater Boston area.

Rhino Capital was founded with the mission to provide investors exceptional risk-adjusted returns through (I) evaluation of market dislocations, risks, and inefficiencies, (II) appropriate pairing and structuring of capital with its investment theses, (III) daily management of every aspect of its entity-level business plan, and (IV) ensuring tenants real estate requirements align with ongoing business needs.

Rhino’s investment strategy is to identify and acquire value-add multifamily opportunities in select neighborhoods of Boston, as well as office, flex, and industrial properties along the Route 128 belt. Rhino’s capitalization strategy partners with institutional private equity firms as majority stakeholders, as well as high-net worth individuals and friends of the firm. 

To date, Rhino Capital Advisors LLC has acquired more than $230 million of real estate assets. and currently has 1 million square feet under management.

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